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Essential oils have become so prevalent that you can find them just about anywhere you shop. I’ve seen them advertised in grocery stores, specialty health stores, and on the internet. When shopping you will find all types, grades, and prices of oils making you wonder about the differences.

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One major concern when purchasing an oil is the quality. Why?  If you are using essential oils on your skin or taking them internally, you must use a pure oil and buying essential oils from a reputable company that adheres to strong guidelines and quality controls is extremely important. The industry isn’t yet regulated and ANY company can advertise and label pure oils without having to meet any guidelines. That’s just plain scary!  Some companies may use synthetic compounds or diluted oils to produce the fragrances rather than pure essential oil extracts. So let’s get informed. What to skip the details? Contact me to assist you in your purchase at

How do you know if the company is reputable?

One way to know is to research them on the internet or through your friends.  Ready to buy? Click here to learn about types of customers. Click here to buy oils from my Doterra Site.

  • Find out where they acquire the plant material for their bottling process.  Lavender from my back yard is very different from lavender grown in France.
  • Do they include weeds and other random plants with their specified plant material used for an oil?
  • Where and how do they manufacture the oils? High heat, which can change the molecular structure of an oil, is used to quickly produce low priced non-therapeutic oils. An example is a synthetic wall plug in deodorizer or a oil pot heated by a candle.
  • Does the company provide third party scientific evidence based information about the plants used?  My oil comes from all over the world, from the locations where the the soil, climate and growing conditions produce the highest potency therapeutic plants and essential oils, as determined by complex chemical testing.
  • For any oils taken internally, make sure to read the Supplement Facts on the bottle (just like you find on food packaging). If there are none, DON’T TAKE THEM INTERNALLY!
  • Another indicator may be price. A lower quality oil may be indicated by a lower price.
  • Ask your friends or contact me! I’m happy to help you purchase oils from the brand that I know and trust.


Where can I buy Essential Oils?

FROM ME! By design the brand of oil I love is purchased directly from Wellness Advocates like me. The reason is the education piece of the puzzle is important. When you purchase an essential oil from the grocery store, there’s no one to ask how to use the oil, how much, how often, and for what conditions. You need a oil coach and that’s exactly what I am. Ready to buy now? CLICK HERE for the post with specifics on what and how to order or shop at

To purchase retail, I have an online website.  If you have more than 1-2 oils on your wish list, you really will want to check out the wholesale customer option. Don’t worry, you don’t have any pressure to sell oils, purchase in bulk, or have an automatic monthly order. My essential oil company has a mission to make using essential oils easy and affordable, and have created multiple customer options.  You can be a wholesale customers, which is similar to shopping at Sams or Costco. You pay a small fee to get wholesale pricing. It makes sense to go the wholesale route if the retail cost is more than the fee.


How do I know the essential oil is pure?

GREAT QUESTION! Not all essential oils are created the same.  That’s why there is such a wide range of pricing for essential oils.  You can find all types (or grades) of essential oils sold online and in retail establishments, but you’ll want to educate yourself on quality standards before using just any oil.

These volatile liquids are either distilled or cold pressed (citrus mainly) from various parts of the plant. Some manufacturers use fillers, synthetics or include weeds and other plant material in their oil production to get more volume to provide oil at a lower cost.  The oil industry isn’t yet regulated and just because the label says “Pure” or “Organic” doesn’t mean that it really is.

Producing pure oils can be very costly, because it requires several hundred (or thousand) pounds of plant material to extract one pound of pure essential oil.


Can I get the wholesale product discounts even if I don’t want to sell anything to anyone? 

ABSOLUTELY! That’s where I started with my oil journey.  I didn’t intend to sell anything.  I just wanted discounts.  I was excited that I had the option!  I was thrilled I could have an account to buys the oils I wanted at a discount. I LOVE A DEAL!   There are even enrollment kits that absorb the cost of enrolling. Click here to learn more.

At some point, you may want to share your experience with others and create a business, but for now, you can still open a wholesale account and have all the tools and information at your finger tips.  I’d love to tell you more.

I am here to assist you with your oil purchase.   Contact me directly via email at

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