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Podcast 012: Shift That Negative Mindset

Turn that Negative self talk into a stepping stone to thrive in life. We all gather stories that we tell ourselves on repeat that we can’t do it, aren’t smart enough, or don’t have what it takes to achieve our dreams. We all have trauma, big and small, that shaped who we are right now.

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3 Things I wish I had known when creating my business

For me, creating a business has been about one part gut instinct and the rest trial and error. Early on in my career, I thankfully learned that you must be willing to pivot in order to survive in business. It doesn’t matter if you work in the corporate world, or as a solopreneur, keeping current in your knowledge and being willing to change course in your journey is key to remaining marketable. I’ve learned so many things over the last 25+ years in my career, but three things that I wish I knew when I created my first online business are:

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