Do you dream of being an entrepreneur, but have no idea how to get started?  If you have a business or simply an idea for one, this is the place for you.

Welcome to Create Your Dream Biz Workshop 

This is a no pressure, no stress workshop! There’s no meeting to attend. It’s simple, I’ll send you an email each week, for 4 weeks, with the task. You decide when and how you wish to complete it. Then, we’ll check in with each other in the Ask Dana Mitchell closed Facebook group. If you haven’t already joined our private Facebook group, click here to do that now.

If you miss a week, no big deal, you have the month to complete the tasks. Who are we kidding, there is no pressure to complete them at all, but I’m hoping you’ll jump in and participate.



Week 1:  All About You

When you work for someone else, its easy to play the blame game when things don’t go well. “They didn’t train me”. “They didn’t put me in the right job.” or “I had to do stuff I didn’t like.” When you work for yourself, there’s only you!

After working for over 25 years in the Human Resources field training employees, supervisors, and now mentoring entrepreneurs, I’m shocked by how little my clients know about themselves. So, this first week, it’s ALL ABOUT YOU.

Why start with self evaluation?

First of all, we all periodically need a boost to our self esteem. Second, when times are tough, you’ll need positive vibes to draw from and reminders of what you have to offer others.

These exercises will remind you that you are unique and have a list of special gifts that only you can offer to the world. We tend to focus on our weakest areas and work hard to improve them. Rarely, do we focus on our strengths and leverage them. Your strengths list, that you will gather this week, will be a significant part of our roadmap creating your Dream Business.


Week 1 Tasks

1) Your Strengths – Make a list of at least 25 words that describe your strengths. Reach out to your family, friends, or online contacts and ask them, “What are 3 words that describe my best qualities”? Believe me, I know how uncomfortable it is to ask others to describe you, but it is a good exercise in stepping out of your comfort zone. Let them know you are taking a self inventory in order to up level your business and you would really appreciate their support.

2) Map it! – Use your strength word list to create a word map. There are several free online tools to do this. or I’ll share my strengths word map in the Facebook group and you are welcome to do the same.

3) Identified your personality type – Have you ever taken a personality test such as Myers Brigg, Disc, StrengthFinder, or the Enneagram? These are great tools to shed light on your best and strongest features. Pull out your old test results or take an inventory online. Here are 2 sites offering free Myers Brigg type assessments. or I’m a ENFJ. Post in the FB group your type so we can chat about it.

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