Lets Work Together!

Clarity Coaching

We all gather stories that we tell ourselves on repeat that we can’t do it, aren’t smart enough, or don’t have what it takes to achieve our dreams. We all have trauma, big and small, that shaped who we are right now. As a Facilitator, I help you focus on the stories you have picked up along the way. Together, we use tools and thought-provoking questions to help you rewrite those stories.

Essential Oils

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What is Clarity Coaching?

There are lots of different types coaching, but the foundation on which many coaching practices are built is having conversations to bring about clarity. I use questions, personal development tools, and exercises to guide you to envision and step into the outcome you are trying to achieve.


Some people call those goals, some may call them wishes, dreams, or aspirations, and for many of us we don’t even know where to start to figure out what those may be for us much less that to call them.

Clarity on:

  • doing the thing you’ve always dreamed of

  • finding your dream job

  • creating your own business

  • making more money

  • getting organized

  • feeling more empowered in your daily life, or within your body, or maybe when around other people.

  • It could be releasing fears, stress, negative self-talk, imposter syndrome and perfectionism.⠀⠀⠀

Kind Words From Clients

"During my clarity session, I focused on relationships and my self-confidence. The session evolved organically through lovely conversation for me to gain clarity around certain situations in both the past and future. I now feel I'll make clearer choices on how to respond to some triggering events. Dana is very patient, calm and a great listener with good intuition. I would recommend Dana to anyone!"

Paula F

Chicago, USA

“​I was blown away by the hypnosis you created in the moment during our coaching session and the additional bespoke recording that you sent to me afterwards was incredible.  I listen to it often and I can’t thank you enough."



"Thank you Dana! It was such an incredible experience working with you! You listened and met me where I was, and also listened to your intuition to guide me to be able to receive what I actually needed and then some! The energy flow that was able to happen between us, despite there being computer screens between us, was so powerful and allowed for some major blocks to be released.! Thank you again!"

Jodi D


"Oh my GOODNESS!!!! I just got off a session with Dana and it was mind blowing, heart shifting powerful. Cleared years of fear and trauma response that I haven’t been able to release myself from. The work she’s doing is just so beautiful. Seriously so incredible.”

Emily J

Maine, USA

"Our sessions feel like an easy, calm, and insightful conversations. I leave feeling like I have released much of the past attachments and am eager to explore more. This clarity makes it possible to recognize when past experiences are affecting me and to address these feelings in a positive way as I move forward."

Darrell S.


"Dana is such a lovely person who clearly cares so deeply.  I am certain you will feel completely supported and listened to throughout your session with Dana."

Sally U