Break Free from Burnout and Rediscover Yourself

Feeling burned out, tired, or overwhelmed? Unsure of your next move and feeling stuck? Perhaps you’re standing at a crossroads in your career or relationship, sensing that life is slipping away.

Remember the vibrant, energetic person you used to be? It’s time to reclaim that version of yourself. If the statements above hit home, it’s a sign—your boundaries have been crossed, and you’ve given away your time and energy at your own expense.

Your life is like an overflowing bucket, leaving behind emotional baggage. Forgotten events of the past still trigger emotions, and you’ve been carrying them without realizing. You’re not alone; this is how our subconscious tries to keep us safe.

But here’s the exciting part—I’ve been there, and I know things can be different for you.

Embrace Change, You Deserve It! 

It’s time for a transformation. You deserve a life different from what it is right now. Together, we’ll poke holes in that overflowing bucket, unravel the emotional baggage, and create a roadmap for your next chapter.

What’s Possible When We Work Together:

  1. Clarity on Your Stuck Points: Identify the root causes of feeling stuck and overwhelmed.
  2. Breaking Free from Emotional Baggage: Release the emotional triggers holding you back.
  3. Prioritizing Yourself: Learn to set boundaries and make yourself a priority without guilt.
  4. Creating a New Life Chapter: Craft a vision for the future and take actionable steps toward it.

Your Journey to a Life You Truly Want Starts Now! 

You deserve a life that aligns with your dreams and passions. Let me guide you in making that shift. Together, we’ll clear the old and pave the way for a fulfilling and energized life.

Ready to Rediscover Your Best Self? 

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together. Click below to schedule a session and begin your path to a life of purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

Schedule time with me today!

Don’t let another day pass feeling stuck. Your vibrant, energized self is waiting to emerge!

You Deserve a Life That Ignites Your Soul! 

What is Clarity Coaching?

In the realm of coaching, Clarity Coaching stands out. While various coaching practices exist, the foundation on which many are built is the pursuit of clarity. Through meaningful conversations, questions, and personal development tools, I guide you to envision and step into the outcomes you’re trying to achieve.

Unlock Your Potential: Rewrite the Stories That Hold You Back with Clarity Coaching!

In the tapestry of our lives, we often weave stories—narratives that echo doubts, insecurities, and the lingering effects of past traumas. These stories may tell us we can’t achieve our dreams, that we’re not smart enough, or lacking what it takes to succeed. As a dedicated Clarity Coach, my mission is to guide you through the exploration of these stories.

Transformative Story Rewriting: Your Journey to Empowerment with Clarity Coaching!

Together, we’ll delve into the narratives you’ve picked up along the way. Using powerful tools, thought-provoking questions, and personalized exercises, we’ll not only uncover these stories but also embark on a journey to rewrite them. Imagine the empowerment that comes from reshaping the narratives that have held you back—unlocking a version of yourself ready to conquer dreams, overcome challenges, and thrive.

Let’s Connect!

Success Stories

“Oh my GOODNESS!!!! I just got off a transformational coaching session with Dana and it was mind blowing, heart shifting powerful. The work she’s doing is just so beautiful. Seriously so incredible. This is healing for those who give healing support to others.

Emily J

“Thank you Dana! It was such an incredible experience working with you! You listened and met me where I was, and also listened to your intuition to guide me to be able to receive what I actually needed and then some! This was so powerful and allowed for some major blocks to be released.! Thank you again!”
Jodi D

“​I was blown away by the hypnosis you created in the moment during our coaching session and the additional bespoke recording that you sent to me afterwards was incredible.  I listen to it often and I can’t thank you enough."

Sally U

"Dana is such a lovely person who clearly cares so deeply.  I am certain you will feel completely supported and listened to throughout your session with Dana."


In our session, you can get clarity on:

  • doing the thing you’ve always dreamed of

  • finding your dream job

  • creating your own business

  • making more money

  • getting organized

  • feeling more empowered in your daily life, or within your body, or maybe when around other people.

  • It could be releasing fears, stress, negative self-talk, imposter syndrome and perfectionism.⠀⠀⠀

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