Meet my friend Frank! Frankincense that is. 

Known throughout history as the oil of the Kings, Frankincense is one amazing oil. Many say, if you can only have one oil in your box, this is the one to have. This powerhouse oil helps build and maintain a healthy immune system, promotes cellular health, reduces the appearance of blemishes and rejuvenates skin, supports healthy immune system function, promotes feelings of peace, relaxation,
satisfaction, and overall wellness all in one little drop!

According to Dr. Axe, Frankincense oil comes from the Boswellia serrata tree. This is a tree native to India that produces special compounds that have been found to have strong anti-inflammatory, and potentially anti-cancer, effects. Among the valuable boswellia tree extracts that researchers have identified, several stand out as being most beneficial, including terpenes and boswellic acids, which are strongly anti-inflammatory and protective over healthy cells. (1)

Frankincense oil is used by either inhaling the oil or absorbing it through the skin, usually mixed with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. It’s believed that the oil transmits messages to the limbic system of the brain, which is known to influence the nervous system. A little bit of oil goes a long way, and it should not be ingested in large quantities as it can be toxic.

Oil Quality – Make sure you are using Frankincense that is pure.

If you’re purchasing essential oils, avoid oils that say “fragrance oil” or “perfume oil” as these can be synthetic and don’t provide the desired health benefits. Instead, look for oils that say “pure essential oil” or “100% essential oil” for the highest quality essential oils. I like to take advantage of the best frankincense oils, which should feature a combination of multiple varieties of oils from boswellia trees. My favorite brand is Doterra.

Vanderbilt Medical Center shared success with their pilot study of using essential oils as a calming tool for patients and staff.  Watch the news clip here.

Uses for Frankincense Oil

  • Rub Frankincense on your hands after a long day of gardening for a warming and soothing effect.
  • Apply topically to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.
  • Can be applied to the bottoms of feet to promote feelings of relaxation and to balance mood.
  • Take one to two drops in a veggie capsule to support healthy cellular function.*
  • Ingest to support healthy cellular function*
  • Aroma promotes feelings of relaxation while you meditate or pray.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of skin imperfections when applied topically
  • Supports healthy immune, nervous, and digestive function when taken internally*
  • Drop 1-2 drops under the tongue when experiencing a rush of emotions *
  • Add to your facial moisturizer or body lotion to promote healthy skin.
  • Mix with Lavender and Melalueca to promote recovery for skin issues such as cuts, bumps, and bruises.
  • Apply to the feet along with Vetiver before bedtime.
  • Mix with Peppermint to assist in head pain.
  • Apply over heart to support emotions.
  • Massage down the spine to calm the senses.
  • Mix with coconut oil for chapped lips.
  • Diffuse with citrus oil to aid in mental fatigue.
  • Take internally with Copaiba daily for overall cellular health.*
  • Combine with Myrrh for glowing skin.
  • Add to epsom salts for a relaxing bath.

*Only use an oil internally that is approved for internal use. Take a look at my favorite brand of oil, Doterra who answers this question for you.

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