Using Essential Oils with Children

    Using oils with your children is an amazing way to support their health in a natural way. Reducing chemicals in the household and utilize natural essential oils is an amazing way to easily and effectively reduce their toxic load. What an amazing way to support your family, isn’t it?


    Aromatic(Diffuser) Helps manage mood

    • Eliminates impurities in the air
    • Supports breathing
    • Room sprays work well for children
    • Misting a pillow with an oil/water mixture to promote calming at bedtime.
    • Bookbag aromatic devices
    • Personal Aromatic Diffuser
    • Aromatic Jewelry

    Topically(Roller Bottle)

    • Always dilute oils for children and babies
    • Apply to bottom of feet and/or on the spine
    • Add oil to bath salts then to bath water
    • Doterra pre-diluted Touch Oil System is formulated for everyone
    • Doterra Children Blends to assist with Mind, Body, and Heart
    • Onguard Hand Sanitizer – use on hands or as a cleaning spray
    • Breathe Vapor Stick – easy for children to apply themselves.


    No internal use for children under age 10 (some people say age 7)

    Cleaning & Disinfecting

    • Misting stuffed animal with Onguard Hand Sanitizer will keep them germ free after play dates.
    • Onguard Concentrate for cleaning hard surfaces, tables, and larger toys.



    3 ways to use oils with Children

    Using Essential Oils with Children

    You must dilute your essential oils with a carrier for use on children. This chart gives you proper dilution ratios to use. 


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