Podcast 012: Shift That Negative Mindset

Turn that Negative self talk into a stepping stone to thrive in life

We all gather stories that we tell ourselves on repeat that we can’t do it, aren’t smart enough, or don’t have what it takes to achieve our dreams. We all have trauma, big and small, that shaped who we are right now.

People can give you advice all day long, but change happens when you identify the root cause for yourself.  As a Facilitator, I help you focus on the stories you have picked up along the way. Together, we use tools and thought-provoking questions to help you rewrite those stories. 

To learn more about SHIFT Coaching and book a session, visit my website www.dana-mitchell.com


What’s Shift Coaching? I help you to identify, shift, and rewrite the negative stories you are telling yourself. These stories can show up in many different hidden ways.

How is coaching different than therapy?  Each discipline has a place in creating healing for someone depending on their need.  Therapists are trained to dig into the details of the past and analyze them.  In coaching, we acknowledge the old stories without reliving the emotional experiences of the past. Then we create shifts in thinking patterns and rewrite those stories for the future.

I support you in your own analysis and identifying your best next steps rather than telling you what and how to do it. That never seems to work, does it?


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visit my oil website www.mydoterra.com/danamitchell 

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Stress and Sleep

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Need Oils? I’ve got you covered!

Visit my oil website www.mydoterra.com/danamitchell 

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